Category: Colleges and Universities (4)
Links to college and university websites
  Northeatern State University
Tahlequah OK
  Southern Nazarene University
Southern Nazarene University is located in Bethany, Oklahoma.
  University of Akron
University of Akron, Ohio, website
  University of Oklahoma
Norman OK
Category: Government Agencies (3)
  Oklahoma State Election Board
Oklahoma State Election Board
  Oklahoma Ethics Commission
Oklahoma Ethics Commission
Oklahoma Supreme Court Network
Category: News Agencies (5)
Websites for various news agencies
  Drudge Report
Conservative news headlines
  Real Clear Politics
Editorials and news
  CNN News
CNN News
British Broadcasting Company
Capitol news and information
Category: Oklahoma Politics (2)
Links relating to Oklahoma politics
Oklahoma GOP Chat website
Oklahoma Democratic Forum
Category: Political Party Websites (4)
Websites for political parties, both in Oklahoma and nationally
  OK Republican Party
Oklahoma Republican Party website
  Republican National Committee
Republican National Committee website
  OK Democratic Party
Oklahoma Democrats website
  Democratic National Committee
Democratic National Committee website
Category: Political Science Associations and Departments (9)
Political Science Institutions
  Oklahoma Political Science Association
  American Political Science Association
American Political Science Association
  American Association of Political Consultants
American Association of Political Consultants
  State Legislative Leaders Foundation
Association of Speakers, President Pro Temps and other legislative leaders
  National Conference of State Legislatures
Association of state legislators and staff
  Council of State Governments
Association of state government officials
  OU Political Science
University of Oklahoma Political Science Department
  Ray C. Bliss Institute of Applied Politics
Offers Masters degree in campaign management
  Iowa Political Markets
Economic analysis of elections and events